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The best Optical Frequency Comb for any application - this is our guideline when we release new models

New film: Why you need a Menlo Systems Optical Frequency Comb
Menlo Systems’ FC1500-250-ULN is the best optical frequency comb ever. With an unprecedented 10-19 frequency uncertainty throughout its entire spectral range it is the first clockwork that guarantees highest precision standards for today’s most demanding applications including optical clocks. See our latest film for more information about the outstanding performance of the FC1500-250-ULN!

SmartComb – fully transportable Optical Frequency Comb with additional features
The Menlo SmartComb, a 19'', 3U, complete Optical Frequency Comb comes in its 2018 edition with additional features. The main application is the automated control and stabilization of cw lasers to the SmartComb. Just connect your cw lasers and they can be calibrated with comb accuracy and stability. Further, we now offer additional output ports of stabilized comb light. A feature that makes the investment into SmartComb future proof – extensions and additional amplifiers in the field are possible.

Smart Comb on 2018 Road Show
Contact Menlo Systems for more information on our SmartComb road show. Book your visit with us.

Menlo Systems' figure 9® technology
Menlo figure 9® technology in our fs fiber lasers allows for best performance with regard to stability, phase noise, and many other parameters. Figure 9® outperforms other technologies. We and many of our customer regard figure 9® as the gold standard. Please contact us for more information on the unique performance.

Mid-IR Comb
With the Menlo Mid-IR Comb we have extended the wavelength coverage of Optical Frequency Combs to the Mid-IR spectral range, matching the fingerprint region of many molecules.

AstroCombs, i.e. Optical Frequency Combs with mode spacing in the 10s of GHz for calibration of spectrographs at the world's most stable and most accurate telescopes, are becoming the favorite tools for astronomers when e.g. hunting for exoplanets. Contact us for the latest updates on recently installed systems.

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